Dmitrii Korolkov

Software engineer interested in cyber criminal and fraud prevention, UX design, frond-end development, testing and automation. Skills: c++ , python 3x, rest API, php, js, angular.js, linux, html5, css3, bootstrap, selenium, protractor, scrum, agile, kanban.

I enjoy playing computer games, my favorite are: GTA, Terraria, Minecraft, Battlefield and all Blizzard titles.  

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cyber sec

my blog with quick articles and guides.

Installing git on linux Ubuntu

Quick step on git installation for linux Ubuntu. Step 1

Working locally with git

Quick guide on local git commands and projectt manipulation. Step 2

Going remote with Github

Use SSH and link your git with Github. Step 3

Why documentation is important for devs

Short thoughts on why we need docs

Fixing launch problem with Battlefield on Windows

All possible fixes on game crash errors

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