Fixing launch problem with Battlefield on Windows

Dmitrii Korolkov

The short story: I decided to came back to one of my favorite games Battlefield 3, after installing fresh HDD on my laptop with Windows. The game launched once and failed to launch after that.  I will explain the possible errors and solutions on fixing the problem.

Before we start, make sure both Origin and BF are running as administrator, for that go to the Program files, find both executable apps –> right click –> properties –> Run as Administrator.

If your game fails to run after initialization or simply crashes, try the following:

Repair the game with the Origin

Go to Origin, view –>  game library, right click on Battlefield 3 –> Repair.

This may fix the issues, but most likely not. If didn’t help, try this: C:\Users\yourusername\OneDrive\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings

Skip One-drive path if needed, in case you don’t use cloud sync ( mostly on Win 10 ) . You will see three files, SAVE_BODY, BODY_HEADER, BODY_PROFILE; delete the BODY and repeat the procedure, Origin will create the new file after checking the files of your game.  Before that, make sure to backup the files from this directory, in case something goes wrong.

Download and update Punk Buster

Punk buster on your client might be different with the version on the server. By keeping it up to date, you will ensure there is no issue with pnkbstr version. Download it now.

Follow the steps, if Punk Buster doesn’t see the directory of your game, provide the path manually ( games could be found in Program files). The folder will be called pb, with the pb files in it.

Disable cloud sync with Origin

Do the steps described before, but before you repeat them , go to Origin, Application settings –> Installs and saves –> disable cloud saves ( toggle off ). 

Create the new Windows user 

This solution may help once, but doesn’t grantee to solve the issue. Simply create the new user in Windows and run the game again.

If nothing helped  – the problem is your video drivers

Don’t use any software driver updaters,  use manual way to install the graphic driver. For that, install Nvidia/Radeon drivers. On their websites they asked for the video card model you are using, select the one you have and enjoy the battlefield! Problem is solved.

Special thanks to EA engineer and support team!

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