Installing git on linux Ubuntu

Dmitrii Korolkov

What is git and why do you need it? Git is standard for distributed version control systemsrsions used by many developers nowadays. The big plus is that you can track the code changes, revert to the previous versions, contribute and cooperate with other developers.

Git is secure enough to trust, all relationships between directories, versions, commits are secured using hashing algorithm SHA1 which is cool, compared to other versions of version control systems, where files could be altered and compromised. Another big advantage is open source, with the huge community support and plenty of learning materials, including documentation, websites and various articles.

First, install the git on our Ubuntu:

Updating the package list: $sudo apt-get update

Installing the git on Ubuntu: $sudo apt-get install git

Next, make sure the git was installed: $git –version (outputs git version 2.7+)

Git was installed, now it’s time to configure it:

$git config –global “Your Name”
$git config –global “”

Verify your configuration changes: $git config –list (outputs your name, email adress)

To make changes of your configuration file: $git config

In the next articles we are going to dive into the process / workflows on local environment and collaborating with remotes such as git Remote and GitHub. Have a great day!

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