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Installing git on linux Ubuntu

Quick step on git installation for linux Ubuntu. Step 1

Working locally with git

Quick guide on local git commands and projectt manipulation. Step 2

Going remote with Github

Use SSH and link your git with Github. Step 3

Why documentation is important for devs

Short thoughts on why we need docs

Fixing launch problem with Battlefield on Windows

All possible fixes on game crash errors

Install Windows on Linux

How to install Windows on the new HDD with the main OS Linux

Classes and Objects in C++

Easy understanding of class, object, method. Practice on topic with code solution

Fixing issues with pip with Python 3 on Windows 10

Easy fix on pip issues with " The term 'pip' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet"

Returning values from functions Python 3

How to pass the values from one function into another and access return values

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